Explanation hallmark

This quality mark offers you the guarantee that the product meets all quality requirements that the
government requires of such products.

CAN, in its capacity as an independent consultant, strictly supervises this in all phases of production.
Also the product information and the information regarding use of the product are checked so that
you can use the product in a responsible way.

Because the market is growing explosively, numerous brands with numerous CBD products have
appeared in recent years. For many consumers it is unclear which products are reliable. The negative
reporting about product quality and the lack of government policy has caused unrest. That is why
CAN has taken the initiative to develop this quality mark.

The CAN quality mark promises:
1. That the quality of the product meets the requirements of the Industry standard;
2. That the labelling of the product meets the requirements of the Industry standard;
3. That the product can be traced back to the seed.

Explanation industry standards

The latest versions of the industry standards can be found here.

Each standard has the same layout:
1. Purpose
2. Definition
3. Legal status
4. Maximum daily dosage
5. Claims
6. Labelling requirements
7. Test procedures

Annex 1 – list of laboratories

In order to qualify for the quality mark, the responsible party must demonstrate that all analytical
results of the product comply with the requirements in §7.
– The test procedures have been drawn up in accordance with various EU standards for food
and food supplements and various pharmaceutical standards.
– The analysis on cannabinoid content must have been carried out by one of the approved
laboratories listed in the annex. These laboratories have shown in several test rounds that
they provide correct, reliable and reproducible results. Results from other laboratories are
not accepted for the quality mark.

Furthermore, the labelling of the product must comply with the requirements in §2, 4, 5 and 6.
– The regulations have been drawn up in accordance with EU legislation for the labelling of
foodstuffs and food supplements.

Finally, it is checked whether the product has been manufactured from the correct material: the
seed as described in §2.